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Electrotherapy & UltrasoundCLICK HERE TO VIEW BROCHURE

A subtle combination of high-tech and 40 years’ experience,
Soleo SonoStim meets all the demands of modern physiotherapy.


The exceptional performance of Soleo SonoStim combined with its simplicity guarantees that practitioners provide excellent treatment for the greater satisfaction of their patients.

Less time spent making adjustments, more time for patients: the winning formula of the Soleo SonoStim!

The combination of Sono and Galva guarantees unparalleled flexibility and variety of treatment programmes.
In addition to Ultrasoundtherapy and Electrostimulation, SonoStim offers outstanding specific combined treatments.

The new dimension of Ultrasoundtherapy:

SonoStim has ergonomical multifrequency Ultrasound-heads, which makes the parallel transfer of 2 frequencies possible.
0,8 MHz – Deep effect
2,4 MHz – Superficial effect

Through the operation SonoSwing you have the possibility to select the percentage of the 2 frequencies arbitrary.
That´s why you can decide the depth and the place of effect of your ultrasound therapy on your own.

New applications of the Electrotherapy:
Special sport training programmes
Special muscle rehabilitation programmes

SD memory card
The SD memory card allows programmes and individualised 1 or 2 channel or even combined treatments to be stored.
A modern solution enabling practitioners to utilise the full capacity of the SonoStim and easily monitor the progress of patients’ treatment.

Combined version SonoStim = Sono + Galva

(Same features as Sono and Galva combined) 
Programmes:More than 110 programmes,
 including 5 for combined therapy
User guide:More than 300 therapeutic indications
SD memory card:1 GB SD memory card
 120 memory entries +
 120 favourites entries
Accessory support:2 supports supplied with all versions
Dimensions:Widht: 33 cm
 Height: 13 cm
 Depth: 22 cm
 Weight: 2 kg
Operating modes:Continuous and pulsed of 1 to 8 seconds
Channels:2 independent channels
Application vacuum:Adjustable from 1 to 60 kPa
Use:Simplified by an application vacuum
 preset to 16 kPa
Control:On Galva or SonoStim screen
Dimensions:Widht: 33 cm
 Height: 13 cm
 Depth: 22 cm
 Weight: 3 kg