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Tecnobody Line 
Tecnobody Stability Line
Tecnobody ST 310 
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The stability stabilometric system is an extremely accurate and sensitive load detecting platform featuring three load cells. The surface dimensions (500mm) provide for very comfortable patient positioning, whether the patient’s feet are set in parallel or heels-together.

The Stability ST 310 Plus version is provided with a solid support structure and is thus particularly suitable for postural assessment in geriatric patients where it is necessary to provide the patient with maximum safety during the postural proprioceptive exercise sessions.

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STUDIES (to view, click on the relevant study, to download, right click save target as):
1. Knee Arthroplasty
2. Motor Dysfunction
3. Orthopedic Treatment
4. Sensory Impairments
5. Trunk control
Tecnobody Trunk Sensor
Tecnobody Trunk Sensor

Control of the Trunk – Trunk Sensor
The ST 310 models are equipped with the innovative TK Trunk Sensor. During Standard stabilometric assessment sessions, it is particularly interesting to relate the oscillation by the higher section of the body (trunk) with the ball-like rendering formed by the movement of the patient’s Centre of Pressure over the load detection platform

Tecnobody Software

Tecnobody software

Tecnobody Software
The Stabilometric Assesment module represents the principal STABILITY software programme module.
Tecnobody Software

Flat View – Graphics
The flat view and graphics module is particularly useful when using the trunk sensor either during training or during assessment.

Rehabilitation Tracing
This module helps to implement a very powerful and flexible Rehabilitation Tracing Module. The tracing is constituted by a track (in red) and by end of track rings. The motory exercise that is required of the patient, Is to keep inside the red track whilst exercising. 
Tecnobody Software

Patient Data 
Both Clinical card records and all the previously filed test data records can be stored and managed via this sub-programme menu.