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Sensbalance Therapy Cushion 
Sensbalance Therapy Cushion
Balance, control and coordination are trained in sitting position. For Therapy, Prevention and Fitness. It's is a conventional air-filled cushion with an integrated electronic sensor, which registers the tilts of the cushion. It connects to your own laptop or computer either via an USB cable or an optional Wireless connection. With the standard included Sensbalance Software an effective and entertaining environment is offered for training of neuromuscular control.
Sensbalance Therapy CushionSensbalance Therapy Cushion
Sensbalance Therapy Cushion        -        Product Code: 100


  • Therapy Cushion (34cm Diameter)
  • Exercise Sheets
  • Standard USB connection cable
  • Including basic exercise software with measuring & archiving functions, for diagnosis and comparison purposes, to show improvements over time
  • Balance game with 18 Training exercises and 10 Easy levels.
  • Balance Levelpack - Medium
  • Balance Levelpack - Hard
  • Balance Levelpack - Very Hard
  • NeuroMuscular Control Test
  • Baseline Measurements Software
  • FarmGame
  • FlyingGame

Neuromuscular Control Test (NMC)  

NeuroMuscular Control (NMC) Test

An effective and dedicated tool for exercising, mapping and following neuromuscular control and proprioception. This software add-on consists of 2 static balance and 5 dynamic balance tests with individual results and long-term statistics.

Baseline Measurements Software (BMS) Baseline Measurement Software (BMS)

Collect data regarding your balance & core stability training and visualize progression in time. An effective clinimetric tool for mapping and following several aspects of balance behaviour.

Sensbalance Measuring & Exercise Software
The Sensbalance Measuring & Exercise Software shows the sensor signal as a red cursor within
concentric circles on the screen either during or right after the exercises. By seeing the tilting results real-time on the screen the users can easily and effectively train neuromuscular control by correcting and improving their exercise movements on the fly. The sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable. This enables dedicated mobility or stability training. Movement trajectories can be measured and saved for future reference.


Sensbalance Therapy Cushion


Sensbalance Game Software
The Sensbalance Game Software adds a complete new dimension to the often tedious fitness or therapy exercises. It consists of 18 Training Level s and 10 Easy Levels. The Training Levels start with an exercise in one movement direction and continues with exercises in two, three and finally all directions. The pleasure of the games and the satisfaction of achieving subsequent levels have a positive influence on the frequency, persistence and effect of the exercises.