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Product Codes:
AF0240: YOGA/PILATES/GYM MAT (1cmX60cmX180cm)
AF0220: YOGA/PILATES/GYM MAT (1.5cmX60cmX180cm)
4036: AEROBIC MAT (120mmX60mmX25mm)
4080: GYM MAT (2mX1mX20mm NO VINYL)
4079: GYM MAT (1.80mX1.0mX20mm) 
 Airex mats are made from extremely hard wearing material which is on the one hand supportive and on the other hand warm, soft and absorbing. Joints, tendons and muscles can thereby be trained extremely gently and efficiently.
ü        Comfortable – Soft, supple and cushioning insulating
ü        Absorbing
– Yielding and supportive, protection against injuries
ü        Long Life Span
– Hard-wearing material for many years of use
ü        Hygienic
– Simple to clean Antimicrobial. Sanitized finishing.
ü        Water repellent
– Closed cell foam. No penetration of water or dirt
ü        Multifunctional – Versatile application. Indoors, outdoors and in water.
ü        Slip-proof
– Surface structure and special foam technology prevent slipping.
ü        Flat placement
– No tripping that’s to flat placement on floor
ü        Conforms to CE – High quality materials, strict quality controls
Airex Pilates Mats 
Airex Corona
Product Code:
0409: 1850mm X 1000mm X 15mm (blue)
 Airex Fitline
Product Code:
0486: 1400mm X 580mm X 10mm
0485: 1800mm X 580mm X 10mm 
* Available in Blue and Green
  Exercise Mats 
Airex Yoga / Pilates Mat
Product Code:
0487: 600mm X 1900mm X 8mm
Colour: Anthrasite (black)