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Shockwave Therapy | Storz
Masterpuls® ultra line MP50

Shockwave Therapy is a non-surgical technique developed for the treatment 
of musculoskeletal disorders. By using the Shockwave Masterpuls® ultra
line MP50,the treatment utilizes set propriety acoustic pressure waves that 
are delivered through the body and focused on the site of pain or injury. 
It stimulates the metabolism, enhances circulation, and accelerates the 
healing process. As a result, allowing damaged tissues to generate and
recover. This scientifically proven therapy represents a breakthrough in 
medical regenerative treatment.

Most common indications include: painful shoulder, epicondylitis, low back
pain, Achilles tendon pain, tendonitis and trigger points. During the therapy, 
a highintensity acoustic wave interacts with the tissues of the body. 

This leads to a cascade of beneficial effects including neovascularisation 
ingrowth, reversal of chronic inflammation, stimulation of collagen and 
dissolution of calcium build-up. Stimulation of these biological mechanisms 
creates an optimal healing environment. As the injured area is returned to 
normal, functionality is restored and pain is relieved by only using the 
Shockwave Masterpuls® ultra line MP50