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Hitech Therapy, Rehabilitation, resiratory, Nebuliser, Sunction Aspirator, Spirometer

MIR Spirolab 3
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Highly Portable Desktop Spirometer
FVC, VC with breathing pattern plus MVV tests with real time curves.
High resolution color display (also available Black and White option).Simple icon based menu on the keyboard. PRE test and related POST test are shown superimposed. 6000 test memory and upto 8 tests on screen. Selectable language and predicted values. Customisable printout format. Connectivity: USB and RS232 (Bluetooth® optional)
Ideal for screening
Spirolab III is a multitasking and versatile spirometer ideal for accurate and early diagnosis of respiratory deseases (like COPD and Asthma).
Spirolab III is easy to use for family doctors screening or pharmacy quick tests.
Oximetry option for a variety of tests
  • Spot oximetry
  • Bed side sleep oximetry with desaturation events recording
  • Oximetry during exercise test
Exclusive Paediatric Incentive System
Amusing on screen paediatric incentive program which can be useful to help a child (or an older person) make a correct spirometry test.
MIR Spirobank USB
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Diagnostic Spirometer
Spirobank identifies pre-symptomatic patients at risk of COPD at an early stage facilitating better clinical outcomes.
Asthma Monitor
Customizable on request
Ideal for kids or adults.
Easy to use
 Intuitive and reliable can be used by specialists as well as non-respiratory professionals
Winspiro Express PC Software
Once a spirometry test has been carried out the results can be transferred via USB to the PC for printout and storage.
FlowMIR Disposable TurbineFlowMIR: disposable turbine
Product Code: 910004
Spirometry testing requires maximum accuracy and hygiene.
FlowMir is the answer to both requirements. Each turbine is calibrated with a computerized system and it is packaged individually. After patient testing both the turbine and mouthpiece are thrown away. Only in this way 100% hygiene can be guaranteed.
MIR Reusable turbineReusable turbine
Product Code: 910002
The accuracy and the precision of the reusable turbine remains unchanged even over time.
Calibration Syringe

Calibration Syringe 3L
Product Code: 919000