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Powerweb hand exercise, grip trainerTherapy PuttyHand Exercise, Hand TherapyDigiflex, Grip Trainer

Power Web
Excellent for developing
hand, wrist and forearm
Product Codes:

Yelow: 10-0851
Red: 10-0852
Green: 10-0853
Blue: 10-0854
Black: 10-0855

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Therapy Putty
113 grams
Variable Resistance Tra-
ining for hand and
fingers. May be chilled
or microwaved.
Product Codes:

Tan: 506501
Yellow: 5074

Red: 5075
Green: 5076
Blue: 5077

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Hand Exerciser
Product Codes:

Yellow - Extra Soft: 10-1491
Red Soft: 10-1492
Green Medium: 10-1493
Blue -Firm: 10-1494
Black - Hard: 10 - 1495

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Hand & Finger exercise.
Set of 5 with display
Product Codes:

Set of 5 incl stand: 4039
Yellow: 4040
Red: 4041
Green: 4042
Blue: 4043
Black: 4044

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Thera-band Flexbar   

Thera-Band® FlexBar®
Product Code: 26102

It is a flexible, durable resistance device with a ridged surface for enhanced grip during
use.  It is used to improve grip strength and upper
extremity stabilization by bending, twisting, or oscillation movement.

COLOURS: Yellow, Red, Green & Blue

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