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Dynamic Tape

Dynamic Taping
Dynamic Taping

What is Dynamic Tape?
Dynamic Tape is a unique, strongly elastic tape which is used in the treatment of many
sporting, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

What are the advantages of Dynamic Tape?

Dynamic Tape allows the wearer to move through full range of motion without limitation. Dynamic Tape can strongly assist or resist movement, facilitate or inhibit and offload tissue through full range of motion. This is only possible due to the highly elastic nature (no endpoint like kinesiotapes) and four way stretch necessary when taping multi joint muscles and performing complex, three-dimensional skills.
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How does the tape work?
In many cases the tape is applied in such a way that it mimics the action of the injured muscle or tendon. The tape is placed on the body with the muscle or joint in the shortened position and with stretch on the tape. As the muscle or joint lengthens, the tape is stretched further and thereby absorbs load just as a bungee cord decelerates the
jumper, absorbing load. This reduces the eccentric work of the muscles. Once full range is reached, the absorbed energy is stored in the form of elastic potential energy. As the muscle or joint begins to shorten, the energy is released back into the biomechanical chain as kinetic energy, thereby assisting the concentric action of the muscle.

This results in decreased workload of the muscle, decreased metabolic demand and improved
tolerance to fatigue. Reducing load may result in less pain, better healing (can load sooner resulting in functional stress and better scar formation), improved endurance and
performance. Dramatic improvements in lymphatics are also observed. There are a number of mechanical and physiological mechanisms that are likely to contribute. These are outlined in our free eLearning programs on the resources page of

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Due to the innovative material and clever design a range of applications can be catered for with only two PosturePals DT Precut shapes – the X tape and the Box tape.

  • Highly elastic fabric allows movement but provides firm corrective force.
  • Patterned, hypoallergenic adhesive and breathable fabric result in improved  skin tolerance and extended wear times.
  • Water resistant for improved durability
  • Permits movement to reduce fatigue, improve compliance and to retrain  postural skills through repetitive correction
  • Quick to apply
  • Low profile tape acts like a second skin to reduce liting and peeling
  • Ideal for home and clinic use
  • Rubber and latex free
  • Long lasting - Stays in place for up to five days

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Posture Pals Box Tape

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