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3drx Software | 3drx Lobby DVD

3DRX Insight


This application is a unique product including the best condition based3D animation video library and the most complete rehab exercises tool available on the market.

Patients are educated about their specific condition and the required exercises for proper rehabilitation. This program is complete and so easy to use, it improves patients’ understanding.

Complete List of animations includes more than 300 animations, divided into 19 categories. 

Why 3DRX Insight? 

3DRX is the best in the world when it comes to showing patients their conditions and recommending rehabilitation. When patients see the animations, they are not just impressed, they actually understand.

Animations' List

View Conditions Based On Area Of Body

Find 3D animations of common conditions by selecting the area of the body. Hundreds of anatomically correct, 7 seconds to more than 2 minutes long animations educate patents quickly. Complete List contains 314 animations.

Huge Library Of Rehab Exercises

Choose from the latest researched exercise and stretch images, or import your own images. It is easy to create your own protocols or choose from the pre-loaded protocols.


3DRX Screen Shots



 3DRX Lobby Loop


More than 35 minutes of 3D animations now packed into a single DVD. The DVD loops automatically in your DVD player.

Enjoy the high-tech information. Patients keep on learning while waiting in the lobby. No need to be online, No need to have a computer, just play with any standard DVD player.

3Drx Lobby Loop

Best DVD Lobby Loop

You can use 3DRX DVDs even without a computer. Just put the DVD in your DVD player or drive on your computer and the DVD will automatically begin playing and loop to the beginning when finished.